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Final tally on H1N1 survey

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

A few more faculty responded over the weekend to the survey, for a final total of 112 responses. There were no additional comments, and here is the final tally. The question: Are you intending to modify your class attendance policies to accommodate the possibility of severe H1N1?

Yes: 31

No: 36

Not sure yet: 45

You can also read the digest of comments.


In-case-of-emergency-closure memo (this is about planning, not an impending event)

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Linked below are three documents: a memo from Associate Provost Tapas Das with regard to a potential closure or serious disruption of USF from events such as H1N1 or hurricanes; a list of suggestions from the provost’s office on things to think about tied to potential closures, and a paragraph to insert in all syllabi.

There is a provision in the UFF-USF Collective Bargaining Agreement about emergency closure: all in-unit employees are paid during emergency closures. I assume that the bargaining history is related to storms rather than potential pandemics, but the effect is the same. At least in terms of the attached documents, accommodations for closures are left to the professional judgment of faculty and other instructors of record.

Tapas Das letter

Paragraph for syllabi

Things for faculty to think about regarding closure