Q&A #1 on Tentative Agreement

Q. The summer cap is $12,000 per course. Does that still mean that each class is still compensated at 12.5% of the 9-month salary as long as that value is below $12,000. Also I take it to mean that the cap is $12,000 per course, not $12,000 overall if someone teaches two courses.

A. Summer teaching is 12.5% per 3-hour course, up to $12,000 per course (not for the summer). If someone’s 9-month salary is $80,000, and that person teaches two three-hour summer classes, then he/she would earn $10,000 per class for a total of $20,000.

Q. When do the raises start, and are they retroactive to the beginning of the year?

A. The raises will be effective shortly after ratification. The 2% raises are easy to calculate, but the merit raises will require some attention to detail. At bargaining on Wednesday, the Trustees’ representatives anticipated that HR would finish the calculations and have the raises entered in early January. The raises will be going forward, not retroactive.

Q. Is everyone in the bargaining unit eligible for raises this year?

A. There are a few groups who are not eligible: those who were hired after May 1, 2008; those who have already submitted resignation letters or received letters of nonreappointment; those who did not receive an overall satisfactory evaluation on the last annual review (2007 or 2007/08, depending on your review cycle); those in visiting positions; and those on soft-money positions where the grant budgets don’t allow for raises (but USF should be watching to make sure those budgets do allow raises).


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