Minutes January 8, 2010

USF-UFF Chapter Meeting

There were seventeen people in attendance, including thirteen of the Chapter Council, making a quorum of the Council.

Agenda & Minutes.
The Agenda and the minutes for December 4 were approved.

Chapter Elections.
The Election Committee proposed the following schedule:

  • Nominations open effective immediately, close on February 12
  • Ballot materials preparation, completed February 19
  • Ballot mail-out February 22
  • Last day for ballots to be received March 24
  • Ballot counting March 26

It is noted that this presumes that the Chapter will meet on the Fridays February 19 and March 26.

  • Schedule approved.

Chapter Meetings.
The schedule of chapter meetings this semester is to be determined.

  • Motion made and seconded: that the meetings shall occur on alternate Fridays. Motion tabled to January 22.
  • Motion made and seconded: that motions be written down, with makers and seconds noted. Motion fails.

Chapter Council Meeting.
The Chapter Council is to approve chairs and members of standing committees.

  • Motion made and seconded by council members, noting the presence of a quorum of the council, that the council meet today. Content of motion approved by the President.

UFF Senate Meeting.
The UFF Senate will meet in Orlando over the February 13, 14 weekend.

Grievance Committee Report.
Grievance moratorium in effect.

Treasurer’s Report.
The Chapter is paying out new member refunds. The President notes that as the Chapter now has over 400 members, there will be 16 UFF Senate seats.

Discussion of Bargaining items.

  • Motion made and seconded: that the USF Administration proposal for Article 13 be sent to the Bargaining Unit. Motion passes unanimously.
  • Motion made and seconded: of approbation for the excellent work that Bob Welker has performed up to this time as Chief Negotiator. Motion passes unanimously.

Communication Chair’s Report.
Communications still being overhauled.

Recess into meeting as a Chapter Council.
The Chapter Council held an open meeting, and reports the approval of the following chairs of standing committees:

  • Bargaining Committee: Mark Klisch
  • Communications Committee: Greg McColm
  • Grievance Committee: Mark Klisch
  • Political Action Committee: Bob Welker
  • Service Committee: Paul Terry

These appointments are for terms ending the first Chapter meeting at or after April 1. The Chapter Council will meet again jointly with the Chapter on January 22.

Good of the Order.
Discussion of the situation of contingent faculty.

These minutes respectfully submitted by G. McColm on January 9, 2010.


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