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Minutes, February 22, 2008, Chapter Meeting

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

February 22, 2008

Sarasota Campus

In attendance: N. Spaid, B. Welker, M. Klisch, L. McBrien, S. Dorn, B. Butler, J. Benowitz, P. Jones, S. Permuth, J. Martin, W. Mo.



Down to the phones…

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Budget cuts professors’ phones, a letter to the editor in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


Kudos to USF authors!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

A smattering of USF authors already published in 2008:


Greenbaum, Susan. 2008. Poverty and the Willful Destruction of Social Capital: Displacement and Dispossession in African American Communities. Rethinking Marxism 20, no. 1:42.

Hood, M. V, and Seth C McKee. Gerrymandering on Georgia’s Mind: The Effects of Redistricting on Vote Choice in the 2006 Midterm Election. (Accessed February 28, 2008).

Murphy, Robin R., and Sam Stover. 2008. Rescue robots for mudslides: A descriptive study of the 2005 La Conchita mudslide response: Field Reports. J. Field Robot. 25, no. 1-2:3-16.

Nouar, F. et al. 2008. Supermolecular Building Blocks (SBBs) for the Design and Synthesis of Highly Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130, no. 6:1833-1835.

Zaworotko, Michael J. 2008. Materials science: Designer pores made easy. Nature 451, no. 7177:410-411.